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Reversible Boot Mat

Reversible Boot Mat

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Only to be used with the following PR. no combinations:
  • 1X0+3GA: Front-wheel drive and no load floor
  • 1X0+3GE: Front-wheel drive and high load floor
  • 1X1+1G8+3GA: 4x4 drive, diagnostics package and no load floor
  • 1X1+1G8+3GE: 4x4 drive, diagnostics package and high load floor

    Part number: 575061201A

    Adapted to the size of the Ateca luggage compartment floor, this mat is carpet on one side and plastic on the other to cater for all needs. Particularly useful for carrying wet and dirty objects without damaging the luggage compartment.
    Adapts to the luggage compartment of the Ateca with Front and 4x4 drive with tyre fit package.