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Rear Mudflaps

Rear Mudflaps

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Mudflaps protect by safeguarding paintwork from stone chipping and road spray.

Tailor-made design offers enhanced protection that helps to keep paint and bodywork in top condition.

Durable moulded ABS is ultra hard-wearing, so they look good for longer.

Suitable for: Ibiza SC 2012 > 2015, Ibiza GP2 SC 2015 >, Ibiza GP2 5DR 2015 >, Ibiza 5DR 2012 > 2015 

•Please note this is not suitable for Ibiza Cupra, Bocanegra or FR or for vehicles fitted with a body kit

Please note that SEAT original and SEAT UK approved accessories carry a two-year warranty from the point of purchase.

This warranty is extended to three years when purchased and fitted prior to delivery of a new vehicle