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Decal- Curved Lines

Decal- Curved Lines

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Stand out from the crowd with this new SEAT Ibiza curved lines decal.

Key Features:

•Made from a sheet of high quality vinyl this is an original approved SEAT accessory.

•The adhesive adheres perfectly to the bodywork of the vehicle.

•No damage to the paintwork and able to withstand car washes and cleaning products.

•Guaranteed not to come loose or lose its original colour even to extended exposure to sunlight.

• An easy way to change the look of the car and reinforce the cars individuality and sporty character.

Suitable for: Ibiza SC 2012 > 2015, Ibiza GP2 SC 2015 >, Ibiza SC 2009 > 2012

Notes: Only suitable for Ibiza SC.

Warranty: Please note that SEAT original and SEAT UK approved accessories carry a two-year warranty from the point of purchase.

This warranty is extended to three years when purchased and fitted prior to delivery of a new vehicle.